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The New Universe Music Festival 2010

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The New Universe Music Festival 2010

The New Universe Music Festival 2010… Where were you on the nights of November 20 and 21 of 2010? If your answer wasn’t, “At the Abstract Logix Music Festival,” then I guess you missed some really amazing music! But don’t despair, the kind folks at Abstract Logix recorded the shindig and it is available for you to enjoy on a two DVD set; and the quality of the sound and video recording is excellent.

The general thrust of the event was improvisational and free spirited; I found it to be a mix of Jazz, Fusion, World Music, Funk and Rock.

The line up of stellar musicians was impressive, but let me single out the bass players:

I usually go over some of the tracks and why I liked them so much but let’s hear from the Musicians themselves.

Here is a little from Matt Garrison:

Wayne Krantz shares some insight about Anthony Jackson:

Ranjit Barot gives us his thoughts:

Lenny White talks about the music:

This DVD set is perfect for music lovers of all genres. We are treated to a generous selection of performances but there is also loads of bonus material that is just the frosting on the cake… These include:

  • A Musical Tribute to John McLaughlin
  • Interviews
  • Godin Guitars

You don’t have to feel bad that you missed this music Mega-event; but now you really have to experience these DVD’s to get the full impact! Get this set now!

The New Universe Music Festival 2010 Available at

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