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Tiggzi for Musicians Enables Artists to Easily Create Their Own Mobile Applications


Tiggzi for Musicians Enables Artists to Easily Create Their Own Mobile Applications

Tiggzi for Musicians Enables Artists to Easily Create Their Own Mobile Applications… Exadel™, a leading global software engineering company, has unveiled Tiggzi for Musicians, a Web-based mobile development platform custom built for the music industry. Tiggzi for Musicians lets artists easily design and build their own mobile applications to promote their music and stay connected with fans on any handheld device.

Tiggzi users, whether professional artists or casual music creators, have access to easy-to-use software that helps them rapidly create and implement an effective mobile marketing and distribution strategy. Templates and a straightforward step-by-step wizard make it simple to create, test and deploy applications that run on any mobile device in minutes, without having to learn any complex programming techniques. The user-friendly visual drag-and-drop editor also allows for additional customization options.

Tiggzi Mobile App Builder for Musicians takes fan engagement to the next level,” said David Schoenbach, Vice President – Product Management, Exadel. “Working with professional artists, we’ve simplified the process of creating customized apps that integrate the social and online tools musicians are currently using to promote their brands and sell music.”

Tiggzi is designed to help musicians highlight what they are doing as artists and market their music online. Users can easily customize the look and feel of their apps for fans by importing and uploading videos, images and updates from any blog or RSS feed. Tiggzi also includes the ability to upload and automatically synch music from popular audio platforms like SoundCloud as well as keep fans up to date, in real-time, on upcoming performances and releases, by synchronizing their apps with Google Calendar, iCal and Facebook. Tiggzi also enables users to offer fans one-click purchase options by linking with iTunes, Bandcamp and other online music stores.

“I’d heard a lot about how all artists need a mobile strategy, but it wasn’t until Tiggzi came along that I realized how easily I could be ahead of the game,” said Alexa Weber Morales, Grammy-nominated San Francisco Bay Area musician and vocalist. “Onstage looking out at audiences, we don’t see the glitter of lighter flames; it’s the glow of smartphones! Tiggzi for Musicians lets you easily create apps. Why not reach fans directly with music and exclusive experiences?”

The basic version of Tiggzi for Musicians is free, with nothing to download or install. Standard and Pro editions are also available. Additional information on Tiggzi for Musicians and its flexible pricing options is available at

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