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Working with Audio Instructional Resource Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing

Working with Audio Instructional Resource Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing… Alfred Music Publishing, the world leader in educational print music publishing since 1922, distributes Working with Audio, a fundamental guide to understanding the principles, technology, and techniques of audio production from Course Technology PTR, a division of Cengage Learning.

Written by highly respected principal in audio production and author Stanley R. Alten, Working with Audio covers the basics of audio production techniques in radio, TV, music, and new media, with details on the fundamentals of sound and recording, acoustics, equipment, editing, and mixing. Because the material is not medium-specific, readers can apply the techniques learned to sound production in any of the major audio and audio/visual media. Topics include ear training; acoustics and psychoacoustics; monitoring; microphones and microphone techniques; mixers, consoles, control surfaces, and their signal flow and design; recording and MIDI; digital editing; mixing; and much more.

Stanley R. Alten taught audio production, TV/Film aesthetics, writing, and criticism at Syracuse University for many years. He has been honored for teaching excellence by the Outstanding Educators of America, Alpha Epsilon Rho, and the National Science Foundation. He has many film and record production credits and continues to be professionally active through his own production company. He is also the author of several audio engineering books and articles.

Working with Audio (54-1435460553) is now available for $34.99 at music retail stores and at

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