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Roger Waters “The Wall” Tour Top Grossing Tour 2012

Roger Waters “The Wall” Tour Top Grossing Tour of 2012: Former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters may have once visited the dark side of the moon, but these days he’s surely looking at the bright side of his checking account. His tour titled “The Wall” has been named the highest grossing tour year-to-date for 2012, according to Billboard magazine. By the end of May, The Wall tour had already grossed $131.4 million in box office receipts from 1.2 million tickets sales.

The tour, which honors the album of the same name released by Waters and Pink Floyd way back in 1979, wrapped just days ago on July 21, and is expected to exceed $350 million by the time all the loose change is counted. It will go down as one of the highest grossing tours in history, and has been seen by more than 3 million in attendance. Who says you can’t make it as a bass player these days?

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