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Editor's Notes

September 2012 Issue of Bass Musician Magazine

As the summer flies by, we here at Bass Musician Magazine are still plugging away to bring you the most relevant, useful and important information. As Always, our amazing staff has worked tirelessly to bring you the most excellent collection of Bass material that you will most assuredly enjoy!

In the September issue, Steve Gregory brings you our cover interview with none other than Stefan Lessard; read all the details behind this talented icon of our instrument and solid pillar of The Dave Matthews Band. Rick Suchow interviews Harry Shearer, the famed Grammy nominated  musician, actor and voice-over artist.

For those of you that were paying attention to my letter last month, you will recall that I mentioned a video tour of the Aguilar Amplification facility in NYC. Well, it took a little longer that we anticipated but we have it for you this month; good things are worth waiting for! Check out this four-part series and discover all the ‘behind the scenes’ details of this solid Bass product manufacturer; all their gear is  made right here in the USA!

I have noticed that in the last few months we have had to bring you the sad news of the untimely passing of many of our brothers of the low end. Great players like Charles Flores, Bob Birch, Nabil Totah, Bob Babbitt and Donald “Duck” Dunn. Although each of these amazing musicians will be sorely missed, I take some consolation knowing that their music lives on and we can remember them every time we are treated to their body of work; great music transcends time and mortality.

I want to remind the patient souls that have been sending CD’s for review that we are  absolutely swamped! Receiving so much great music is a bonus of what we do but it takes time to give each recording a fair listening (Yes, we DO listen to EVERYTHING we receive). Bear with us as we work our  way though the veritable mountain of music!

Lastly, welcome our latest VIP member…. ArtistWorks! Check out this very cool concept where you can learn bass from Nathan East, John Pattituci, and Misty Raines online. This HD Video Bass Campus is for all levels of bass musicians, beginners to advanced.  Click here for more details on ArtistWorks.

Enjoy the change of seasons and keep on playing!

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