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The Epic Proportions Tour… Are there any opportunities left for unsigned bands?

The Epic Proportions Tour… Are there any opportunities left for unsigned bands?… Today’s music scene is inundated by an abundance of new bands and artists desperately trying to carve out a niche for themselves.  Inexpensive home recording studios have helped level the playing field, but sadly, much of the content is suffering.  And with music piracy still striking fear on the high seas, most record labels and management teams have retreated into their shells, only signing proven bands, who have gotten famous on youtube, or already gained a following through extensive touring.  The problem is that touring is expensive and difficult.  Most bands out there are losing money on the road and hoping to regain it in the long run, and it seems like the music industry is turning a blind eye to these small, hardworking, up-and-coming bands, in favor of American Idol winners, pop icons, or resurrecting old fossils. We here at Bass Musicians Magazine have found one company who doesn’t look the other way:

The Epic Proportions Tour, created by singer/songwriter/VH1 Classic reality cast member Gabe Kubanda and former artist manager Peter Sotos, provides a way for unsigned bands to make money while touring the country, playing at military bases and colleges, as well as providing high school students with free concerts, and helping out local and national charities. This is accomplished through the use of alternative fuels, unconventional bookings, and lots of quick thinking and improvisation. The tour is also being filmed for a reality show/rockumentary about life on the road, with exclusive footage of what really happens behind the scenes and off-stage.

“We get to choose bands that not only are creating great music, but who really show a hard work ethic, and perseverance”, says Gabe Kubanda, who’s own musical path was turned around less than 2 years ago, as his old band fell apart, and he was left wondering how to move forward.  At a chance indie record label meeting, he met Peter Sotos, who just so happened to have a tour bus and lots of nationwide booking experience, and who needed a band and a plan to move ahead.  “We started thinking of why so many bands fail, and why so many bands can’t make it out of their garage, and how to turn that problem around”.

The Epic Proportions Tour chooses young and amazing bands, which do not have a nationwide draw. This means that these young bands can live out their dream by playing in front of thousands of kids and building a larger fan base. They do this traveling all over the country so the band really gets to go on an amazing road trip, see the country, and build their touring resume.

This year the bands on EPT have played some amazing gigs:

–       12,000 people at Fort Bliss sharing a huge stage with Sick Puppies

–       4,000 people at Edwards Airforce Base for July 4th

–       4,000 Kids at North Hollywood High School

–       Shows at SXSW, CMJ, and other festivals.

The Epic Proportions Tour is able to let bands share their music while getting paid, and keeping 100% of their merchandising sales, as they tour the country gaining new fans. They provide the concerts, the tour bus, the gas, and the hotel rooms, and the band just needs to work hard on tour, and kick ass on stage.  It’s an amazing opportunity for unsigned bands.

They are getting a lot of industry press right now. Line 6 recently wrote a huge article about them and they just met with Kevin Lyman of the Warped Tour. This is definitely a company which has new and creative thinking and is a must to be checked out by any band looking to make a career for themselves, in this tough music business.

Visit to download a free song from each band on the current tour and to find out where they are headed next!

For more information visit The Epic Proportions Tour at

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