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Slap Bass – Bassline Publishing Release New Slap Bass iPad Books

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Slap Bass – Bassline Publishing Release New Slap Bass iPad Books

Slap Bass – Bassline Publishing Release New Slap Bass iPad Books

Bassline Publishing is proud to announce the release of three new interactive books for the iPad – Ultimate Slap Bass – Beginner Level, Ultimate Slap Bass – Intermediate Level, and Ultimate Slap Bass – Advanced Level. Adapted from the hugely successful print edition which was released back in 2005, these new iPad books also include video demonstrations of all of the main techniques.

As well as the video content, all three books contains an audio demonstration for each exercise embedded on the page beneath the sheet music. Each exercise also includes a bass-free backing track for the user to play along with.

Author Stuart Clayton is enthusiastic about the new medium for the book. ‘As a learning aid, the iPad has enormous potential, and I’m really excited to be able to release Ultimate Slap Bass in this form. The facility to include audio and video within a book is an obvious advantage to learning anything, and of course it makes learning a musical instrument all the more enjoyable. I think bass players are going to love this’.


The contents of each book are as follows:

Ultimate Slap Bass – Beginner Level
The History of Slap Bass | Before You Start | Slapping Basics | Adding the Pop | Hammer-Ons, Pull-Offs & Trills | Ghost Notes | Popular Scales & Modes for Slap Bass | Beginner Level Exercise Area

Ultimate Slap Bass – Intermediate Level
Left Hand Slaps & Sixteenth Note Lines | Introducing Tenths | Machine Gun Triplets | Double Stops | Double Popping | Strumming | Intermediate Level Exercise Area

Ultimate Slap Bass – Advanced Level
The Shuffle Feel | Open String Hammer-Ons | Double Thumbing (Part 1) | Double Thumbing (Part 2) | Double Thumbing (Part 3) | Combing Techniques | Advanced Level Exercise Area

Each book also includes all of the biographies of famous slap players that are included in the print edition: Larry Graham, Louis Johnson, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Mark King, Flea, Stuart Hamm, Ray Riendeau, Les Claypool and Victor Wooten.

Each of the Ultimate Slap Bass iPad books is available from the iTunes store, priced £8.99 (price varies from country to country according to local currency).

The Ultimate Slap Bass iPad books are joined in the iTunes store by author Stuart Clayton’s other iPad book, The Bass Player’s Guide to Scales & Modes, which was released in June. This book has been enthusiastically received by bass players all over the world and has been well reviewed in several bass magazines.

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