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LickLibrary Launches Slap Bass In Six Weeks DVD with Bassist Phil Williams

LickLibrary Launches Slap Bass In Six Weeks DVD with Bassist Phil Williams… Slap Bass In Six Weeks, LickLibrary’s new DVD six part set is designed to help you achieve the motor skills and technique necessary to master this style of bass playing. These DVDs offer a program of lessons that aims to get you playing slap bass from scratch to an advanced level in just six weeks!

Slap Bass In Six Weeks (RRP £16.99 per DVD or RRP £79.99 the set) is full of visual examples, which clearly depict what each of the tutor’s hand is doing using a split screen. All the basics are included and starting from day one each bass lesson is broken down into manageable easy to follow sections looking at many of the techniques you will need. Even if you have never slapped before you will soon start sounding the part.

Week One: Overview techniques and equipment and starts introducing skill-building exercises.
Week Two: Looks at pops and pulls, introduces ghost notes and explains Machine Gun Triplets.
Week Three: Use of ghost note muting and shuffles in style of Mark King and Stanley Clarke.
Week Four: Introduces damped thumb hits and builds on Mark King rolling open string riffs.
Week Five: Complex bass lines, faster tempos and melody style riffs in manner of Marcus Miller.
Week Six: Tips and tricks, drop D tuning and combining and using techniques learnt over six weeks.

The DVDs also come with backing tracks, which are locked into the drums making them easy to play over and nail the techniques you learn.

Sharing these skills with you is highly sought after bass player – Phil Williams. He has played and toured with many well-known bands and artists as diverse as Gary Barlow, Roger Daltrey, and Keith Emerson to name just a few.

You can find full details for Slap Bass in Six weeks at LickLibrary along with many other bass related DVDs.

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