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Soundtrack for NAMM

Editor's Notes

Soundtrack for NAMM

raul amador

Here at Bass Musician Magazine, we have taken advantage of the rainy Northwest winter and worked throughout the month of February, dedicating most of our time to processing the sheer amount of footage we got at Winter NAMM 2013. Much of this has been posted this past February but there is more to come…so, keep checking back to see what else we have in store for you. I also want to give a huge thanks to Doug Johns who very graciously provided us with what I call the “Soundtrack” for NAMM 2013. All of our photo albums have background  tracks from Doug’s latest CD “Blomp” (See review) and they work just great!

We have continued to work on our newest project, our Bass Store. If you have already had a look at it you will noticed that it has been evolving. Since we get a huge response to gear postings in our social media, we wanted to facilitate the process of our fellow musicians being able to get the gear thy want and need! That said, I invite you to browse the store and maybe find that item you were looking for… Like one of our Signature T-shirts or that hard to find bass music book.

We are really exited to present our very first double bass musician cover this month. These amazing players need no intro, but I will any way…we have Yes’ only original member, Mr Chris Squire as well as an interview with Tony Levin. As always, most excellent interviews from our Associate Editor Rick Suchow; you have outdone yourself this month!

And a thank you to all that have sent CD’s for consideration. We really appreciate that you have shared your creative efforts with us. You have probably noticed very few reviews in the last issue as we have been so busy with the NAMM material. As I have mentioned before, we do listen to them all in their entirety, so bear with us as we get back to that whole process. Thanks for your patience!

I was saying earlier… Spring, come on down!

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