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Tony Grey Bass Academy: An Opportunity to Learn Bass Guitar by Andreas Farmakalidis

Tony Grey Bass Academy- An Opportunity to Learn Bass Guitar-1Tony Grey Bass Academy: An Opportunity to Learn Bass Guitar by Andreas Farmakalidis…

Tony Grey is one of my favorite bass players. He has an amazing technique and I really love his warm tone. His musical vocabulary is unlimited. On a personal level, he is one of the most inspiring as well as informative bass players I have ever met.

For those of you who do not know the work of Tony Grey:  

Tony Grey is an award winning world class Bass Player, Composer, Published author and Music Producer. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2001. Since graduating he has gone to perform and record with some of the worlds greatest musicians such as John McLaughlin, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Gavin DeGraw, Dennis Chambers, Mike Stern, Hiromi, Steve Lukather, Russel Ferante (Yellowjackets) among many others!

Tony Grey Bass Academy- An Opportunity to Learn Bass Guitar-4

What is the Tony Grey Bass Academy?

The Tony Grey Bass Academy is an online educational Bass Guitar Academy, created by Tony Grey packed with tutorials, lesson plans and expert advice on mastering the bass guitar! I recently joined the Bass academy and I have to say that the site is Frequently updated with new videos, master classes and tips. The site is a great way to learn Bass or improve your bass playing.

Tony Grey Bass Academy- An Opportunity to Learn Bass Guitar-3I enjoyed the fact that Tony spent the time to talk and create lessons regarding Warm up & stretching, effects, gear, sound, transcribing, ear training etc. These are all areas that many educators will not spend the time to elucidate. In addition, is the only educating system (as far as I know) that is it suited for all styles and genres of music, help everyone create their own voice as well as – what I find to be very important – develop each and everyone’s musicality and musicianship.

Who is the academy for?

The lessons are affordable and much more cheaply than any Music School or private lesson. The bass lessons are suited for students of any level, beginner to advanced. Good thing is that you do not even need to know how to read music in order to start learning. The transcriptions/grooves are all written down in standard notation accompanied with tabs as well as a video. The videos are very informative since you can see and hear Tony performing and explaining the groove. He also explains every little detail regarding the groove such as articulation, note durations, technique, feel, dynamic, rhythm, tempo, expression etc. These small elaborate elements create the difference. Musicians need to understand that playing the notes are not enough. These subtle particulars are what make music unique and exceptional.

Tony Grey Bass Academy- An Opportunity to Learn Bass Guitar-2I believe that this new online Bass Academy is a great place for every bass player of any level to evolve and explore different areas of music. The lessons are always easy to grasp, warm and fun. Important is that Tony is training us in all styles and genres allowing the every bass player to reach its full potential and maximum creativity.

Lastly, there is an online community of likely minded people where bass players can interact, learn from each other, grow and exchange ideas.


Explanation video where Tony introduces the Academy


Lydian Modes


Tony Grey Bass Academy- An Opportunity to Learn Bass Guitar-5Slap & Pop

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