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FRANTELUNIA – VIBES & BASS with Bassist Mikael Berglund

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FRANTELUNIA – VIBES & BASS with Bassist Mikael Berglund

FRANTELUNIA with Bassist Mikael BerglundFRANTELUNIA – VIBES & BASS with Bassist Mikael Berglund… It’s always tricky to put labels on music and this album is really a challenge in that respect so let’s just say that it continues where the last CD, Seven thoughts, left us.

You will find elements of nordic folk music, jazz and classical as well as funk, latin and pop.The important thing when we recorded was to keep an open mind and always to let the song lead us in the direction that felt natural at that moment. Since everything is recorded live with no overdubs the ”right feel” and what happened in that exact moment is more important than how flawless things where executed. Also the challenge of not having a drummer or percussionist leads us to play so that the invisible drummer is not being too missed.

The advantage of the duo setting is obviously how clearly you can hear everything and how quick we are able to change direction from intuition and listening to what the other person is doing.

We had a great time recording and we really hope that will transcend and that you will have a nice journey to Frantelunia with us.

FRANTELUNIA – VIBES & BASS with Bassist Mikael Berglund available on iTunes

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