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Anomic – Bassist Jah Wobble and Marconi Union

Anomic – Bassist Jah Wobble and Marconi UnionAnomic – Bassist Jah Wobble and Marconi Union… Over the last couple of years Marconi Union have been getting rave revues. They’ve had no less than  two albums of the week in the Sunday Times and Mojo Magazine described them as “frighteningly accomplished, making elegant, expertly constructed pieces with tangible beginning and ends, melded from seemingly amorphous motifs and phrases of guitars, synths and percussion” . Things developed to the point that the great deity of ambient music Brian Eno invited them to play the famous Punkt Festival in Norway

When this record was made Marconi Union were a duo; Richard Talbot and Jamie Crossley being the sole members. Similar to Jah Wobble Richard Talbot is a denizen of Stockport in Cheshire. Their paths crossed and the two of them thought it would make a great deal of aesthetic sense for Jah Wobble to add his sublime velvet bass lines to Marconi Unions’ ambient orchestrations.

The sum of the (musical ) parts ended up being far greater than of the parts themselves. Anomic is truly stunning! That it is of a cinematic and romantic temperament is more immediately apparent than it being ambient in its character. For me it has echoes of John Barry at his best. The music is more redolent, at least to my ears, of European cities such as Berlin, Geneva, Tallinn, Helsinki, Vienna et al, than it is of the windswept rain lashed North West of England, where the record was created.

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