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Verdine White, Earth WInd & Fire and Back-to-Bass-School

Editor's Notes

Verdine White, Earth WInd & Fire and Back-to-Bass-School

Verdine White, Earth WInd & Fire and Back-to-Bass-School

raul amadorSummer went by too fast! Here in the great Northwest, the declining temperatures, the overcast skies and the rumble of school buses is warning us that Fall is just around the corner. Sadly, my tomatoes barely had a chance to get ripe (as was the case last year… and the year before)!

Anyway, as a new season comes in, there are many great things on the horizon!

In this issue, we have an exciting interview from Rick Suchow with none other than Earth Wind & Fire’s very own Verdine White! This interview is specially timely as it coincides with EW&F’s new release “Now, Then & Forever.” It has been too many years since we have been treated to their spectacular music, and I for one have been eagerly waiting.

We would like to welcome our newest writer, and veteran music journalist, Tom Wictor to the BMM family. Check out Tom’s in-depth interview with Scott Thunes, former Frank Zappa Bassist.

As we are in a ‘back-to-school’ mode, now is a great time to learn more about our craft, playing bass.  We all should continue to learn and grow no matter your respective skill  level is. We are fortunate to have some solid VIP members, whose sole purpose it is to help facilitate this very  process. can help you work on your own or under the guidance of your local teacher with a wide variety of music books for bass. Click to check them out

Online students have some great choices of studying with some of the great players of our time from the comfort of their homes, no matter where they may be.

Train your ears with The Dodecagon and watch how your playing evolves! Click to visit

Don’t forget to develop your muscle memory and improve your ability to execute what you have learned with Pocket Picker!

Finally, we always have educational articles that will help you learn from our amazing staff writers who selflessly share the fruits of their vast experience on a monthly basis. Check out the latest offerings

We want to thank everybody for their positive comments and support on our Sixth anniversary issue! The Latin issue was very well received and we are already in the planning stages of our next “Special” issue. Make sure to check back to find out what that’s all about.

Let me remind everyone to check out our newest VIP members that have joined us in the last month (along with our veteran VIP’s). Please patronize them whenever you have the opportunity, as their support helps keep your magazine free for the whole world to enjoy!

All learning requires growth and Bass Musician Magazine  is constantly working to grow our readership. Please feel free to share us with all your bass friends and even other musicians. I have been seizing the opportunity to say, “Hey” to all the fellow bass musicians I have to the good fortune to meet and we keep growing one player at a time.

Have a great Fall!


Raul Amador


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