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The Blues & Beyond Quartet, Featuring Bassist Dominique Di Piazza, Release New CD “Echec et Malt”

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The Blues & Beyond Quartet, Featuring Bassist Dominique Di Piazza, Release New CD “Echec et Malt”

Echec et MaltThe Blues & Beyond Quartet features Yannick Robert on guitar, Sébastien Charlieron harmonica, Dominique Di Piazza on bass, and Yoann Schmidt on drums.

This is a stellar lineup of very talented players that have come together and have produced a unique and very musical undertaking. They work on the fringe of traditional blues and always take it somewhere else, whether that be compositionally, as an ensemble, or individually, leaving us with some very progressive sounds as the almost unintentional genres seem to meld together.

Started in 2010, the Blues & Beyond Quartet released a first album in 2011 “La Danse du Chat”, and a second one in 2013 “Echec et Malt”, recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios in UK. They have done several tours in Russia and many concerts in all over Europe.

«The inflections of the Blues tradition are most certainly there, but the raw musicianship of these individuals puts an indefinable spin on everything…progressive music at its best !» Jake Kot – Bass Musician Magazine

French with Sicilian and Gypsy roots, John McLaughlin said about him : «He is incredibly talented, he is one of the greatest bass-players in the world». Autodidact, Dominique Di Piazza is very worldly  known to have developed the famous «four fingers playing technic», that allows him to play at an incredible velocity that a very few bass players in the world can reach..

His great musicality allowed him to play with world Jazz stars such as John McLaughlin, Trilok Gurtu, Bireli Lagrene, Dennis Chambers, Elvin Jones, Joey De Francesco, Zakir Hussain, Didier Lockwood, Gordon Beck, Gil Evans, among others.

He won a French Grammy award in 2001 for the best album of the year with the Front Page trio featuring Bireli Lagrene andDenis Chambers. Since then, Dominique Di Piazza plays all around the world with several bands from Spain and Italy to Russia, India, Turkey, etc.

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