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Steve Jenkins – Steve Jenkins And The Coaxial Flutter, Review by Brent-Anthony Johnson

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Steve Jenkins – Steve Jenkins And The Coaxial Flutter, Review by Brent-Anthony Johnson

Steve Jenkins And The Coaxial FlutterBassist/Composer Steve Jenkins is my hands down favorite addition to my “bass diet” to come to my attention in the past few years. Steve ably takes deep rock concepts and marries them to noise, ambient, house, break-beat, and purest rock to form a creation that is completely unique to his brilliantly articulated and presented view of the music that lives in his soul. Steve’s work with his group Coaxial Flutter is some of the best music I’ve been blessed to hear in far too long! Not only will this release send bassist and those purveyors of the almighty hook into a dizzying tailspin! But, there is a depth of soul here that speaks loudly to the state of things that should be more often observed while appreciating a definite and affluent musical vision. To put it mildly,

I was blown away by Steve’s diverse technical ability and concept. Thank you, Steve! Each of the 8 tunes on this release run a gauntlet of “turn-on-a-dime” rhythms that serves as a nearly perfect vehicle for Steve’s outstanding solos and bottom-up and heady groove direction. This is thinking man’s music, while living in that rare bass showcase CDs that is also very (very!) easy to listen to. Only the heart of a true artist/musician allows for this depth of creation and sharing. Each of the musicians is showcased, and the trio format is simply the best means of this level of interplay and musicality.

Bassist Steve Jenkins

Steve has worked as a sideman for a number of very well-known artists (Vernon Reid, Terri Lynn Carrington, Gene Lake, John Scofield, David Fiuczynski, CindyBlackman,etc) and his supportive mien is on full display as he melodically handles the material. The releases opener, “Leave This City Before You Can’t” knocked me out, and it served as the most auspicious of full-length release openers! Hooked. Done. Also check out the chordal melancholy turned ebullient and enlightened view of his own, “How About Never”. Then, there is the vast topography of the beautifully dimensional “Parallax”, another chordal outing. So pretty…

The textural depth of this release is another matter altogether! Whether presenting deeply effected tones, or the cleanest, tone-driven lines, Steve is speaking beyond the instrument into a world that only those rarest of musicians understand – let alone the ability to lovingly deliver music of this caliber to thirsty ears. Again, brilliant! I simply cannot hope more that Steve finds great success amount the few acclaimed as “bass royalty”and I cannot wait to hear more from him and the equally fantastic musicians he works and hangs with!

Must hear tunes: Leave This City Before You Cant. How About Never. Parallax. Sphere.

Steve Jenkins proudly endorses Aguilar Amplification, CallowHill Basses, Jim Dunlop/MXR pedals & strings, and GodLyke Power Supplies.

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