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B.A. Johnson

B.A. Johnson

An in-demand session bassist and producer, Brent-Anthony Johnson has exercised his positive attitude, musical knowledge and exceptional playing ability for the soul purpose of experiencing music on the deepest level possible since hearing his first favorite song... in 1970.  A life-long student of music "BAJ" has studied with bassists Michael Fitzmaurice, Kirwan Brown, Kai Eckhardt, Kim Stone and Jimmy Haslip.  He has taught at Naropa University and at the University of Colorado, in Boulder, and he has been an active clinician since 1988.  "BAJ" has taught privately since 1979 and he is currently recording his first release as a leader since releasing the co-led offering, "Sleep Drum" in 2002. Selected Performances & Sessions Kenetik Maschine, Keith Rosenhagen, Martian Acres, Mark Miller, Azure, Karen Capaldi, Kevin Dooley, Paula Westerfield, Holly Smith, Ric Cori, Joe Gamble, Nelson Rangel, Mullens Brothers, Jill Sobule, Bobby Caldwell, Donna Galbraith, Peter Kater, Ty Burhoe, Miguel Espinoza, Dahmahlahfakhis, Matthew Ward, Roy Guilford, Hazel Miller, Grover Washington, Phil Keaggy, Newcomer's Home, Staci Frenes, Andy Summers, Heather Powers, Next Exit, Amy Fletcher, CrossTones, Jamie Bonife, Randy Stonehill, Angelo Moore, Kevin Thornton, Benjiman, Clay Rose, Craig Bentley, and Jeremiah Horner Visit Online:

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