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Kenny Weydener Releases They’re Watching

Kenny Weydener Releases They're Watching

Bassist/ Composer Kenny Weydener releases his follow up to his very well received self titled CD, with They’re Watching.

Using ONLY multi-tracked Spector Basses with drums/percussion, Kenny continues to show just how powerful the electric bass can be. Soaring melodies fly over rich chordal textures that are supported by infectious grooves that are harder to shake (as if you’d want to) than they are to remember. The recipe here is simple. Gorgeous tone with virtuoso technique, to support excellent writing.

‘Mad chops’ might be the first reaction, but the thing that separates Weydener is his composition/arranging abilities. Along with extensive knowledge of engineering and production, Kenny has the unique combination of skills that allows him to express himself in a way that is the extreme opposite of contrived. It’s honest. This is about art, not marketing, although the tunes are quite listenable. Both standing on their own, as well as working quite well in the film/t.v. soundtrack world.

The refreshing thing about this artist is that although one would determine quickly  that he could easily rely on technique and use his songs as an excuse to blow chops, he values a solid song, over a blistering solo. Clearly this artist has nothing to prove, but a whole lot to express. Regardless of you’re personal taste, you would be hard pressed to have a bad experience listening to Kenny Weydener’s music.

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