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Bass Workshop by Simon Goulding

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Bass Workshop by Simon Goulding

Bass Worship by Simon Goulding

Bass Workshop by Simon Goulding offers rudimentary musical training for the bassist who wants to make the transition to ‘Musician’.

With standard notation reading NO TAB. Bass Line Construction, Reading Bass Lines, Chord Tones, Inversions, Approach Notes, Styles, Understanding Harmony, Soloing Ideas, Beat Placement, Cuban Tumbao Exercises, Rhythmical Awareness, Clavé Patterns, Chart Geography and Using Music To Develop Technique. Introducing a more musical way of thinking into your bass playing. Learning music and the facts of music is arguably the only way that you will get better on your instrument.
In Bass Workshop, Simon offers the facts of music and the essential skills you need to know in order to function effectively as a ‘Musician playing the Bass’. He urges you to take each example, each exercise to the next level.
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