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Bass Workshop Volume 2 by Simon Goulding

Bass Workshop Volume 2 by Simon Goulding

The new eBook Bass Workshop Volume 2 by Simon Goulding is available now.

Over 180 pages with exercises and examples with a heavy emphasis on musicianship and musical knowhow.

In this second volume Simon covers topics such as:
  • Advanced Reading
  • Rhythm Reading
  • Extended Harmony
  • Revisiting the basics
  • Improvisation Tools
  • Soloing Examples
  • Harmonic Exercises (Finger Independence, Extended chord tones with approach notes, Major & Minor 10th exercises, bass line examples)
  • Bass Duets
  • Technique (Thinking in drum patterns when Slapping & Popping, Muted Lines, Fingerstyle and Pick playing)
  • Bass line development
  • Developing creativity over one chord
  • The Musical Toolbox Principle
  • Plus MUCH more
The ebook is available to buy as a pdf download from the Simon Goulding Music online bookstore at – Here you will also be able to purchase volume one of Bass Workshop too.


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