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Colin Edwin, Lorenzo Feliciati – Twinscapes

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Colin Edwin, Lorenzo Feliciati – Twinscapes

Colin Edwin, Lorenzo Feliciati – Twinscapes

Porcupine Tree bassist Colin Edwin, and Naked Truth bassist Lorenzo Feliciati have teamed together…

To produce a rich, sound-sculpture/spacescape dripping with beautifully executed riffs and heartfelt ostinato-laden compositions that cry, weave, float steam, flirt and strike with Twinscapes!

Both bassists employ their profound knowledge of machines as well as fretted and fretless basses to express the killer grooves throughout the release. The interplay between these imposing bassists is truly conversational and each composition speaks for itself. There is great playing throughout and if you feel that this pair have produced another “bass album”, think again! This is a thinking listener’s game to be sure, and there is much to discover here! The textures are beyond an opulence that truly bathes the listener, and I enjoyed each of the tunes offered by this equally astounding latest bass duo.

Musical guests (trumpeter) Nils Petter Molvaer, percussionist Andi Pupato, saxophonist David Jackson, and drummer Roberto Gualdi each shine in their particular placement within the frame of each composition. Especially Nils petter Molvaer’s sublime performance on Transparent! But, truly, this is about the expression of ideas and a conversation between Lorenzo and Colin that I hope continues into future releases. The production owes a debt to yet another bassist in the form of the great Bill Laswell whose touch is noticeable on each of the 11 tunes.

Must hear tunes: In Dreamland, Transparent, Conspiracy, Sparse, Solos

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