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Review: Peter Iwers Ibanez PIB3 Peter Iwers In Flames Signature Bass

Peter Iwers Ibanez PIB3 Peter Iwers In Flames Signature BassAnother yet amazing product from Ibanez, the Peter Iwers In Flames PIB3 Signature Bass.

This bass really sounds as cool as it looks. The bass is constructed of a mahogany body with a 5 piece maple neck, rosewood fingerboard complete with 24 frets, a PIB3 inlay on the 12th fret, and the mono-rail IV bridge. The combination of the CAP EXF-N2 pickups with the EQB-IIID Active 3 band EQ really brings out the type of growl, presence, and punch needed for the type of music performed by In Flames and other genres. The CAP EXF-N2 humbucker pickups are contoured in an arch so that the volume across all the strings is the same. The controls for the bass are volume, with a balance control to choose between a combination of bridge and neck pickup volume selections. There are also three separate controls for bass, mid, and treble.

Factory tuning for the bass is D#, A#, F, C, and A#. This did take a little getting used to, but once I figured out certain patterns that most of us are used to playing, it was actually a lot of fun and gave a different perspective on how creative one can be with altered tunings. Don’t let the tuning discourage you, this bass sounds great, and with the factory tuning that is does use, it will open your creative side to newer realms you may not be able to reach with standard tuning. I spoke with Ibanez about the tuning and the bass can be tuned to the standard tuning that the majority of us are used to with just a minor neck adjustment.

Wether you are a fan of In Flames or not, you will definitely love what this bass has to offer. The Ibanez Peter Iwers In Flames PIB3 Signature Bass can be used for practically all genres of music with the variety of tones that it can create. Look for the Ibanez Peter Iwers In Flames Signature Bass at a music retailer near you.

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