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Bass Lines: Famous Bass Intros – Part III – Sweet Emotion


Bass Lines: Famous Bass Intros – Part III – Sweet Emotion

Jaime D. Vazquez - Lathon Bass Wear Exclusive ArtistFamous Bass Intro… Sweet Emotion –

Hello bass players and fans of bass playing! Welcome to Famous Bass Intros – Part III! This time we have an amazing one, the bass riff intro recorded by Tom Hamilton for Aerosmith’s breakthrough single, Sweet Emotion(1975). The hit single is also known as their signature song. Sweet Emotion has been included on almost every Aerosmith compilation and live albums. The song is the number 408 on Rolling Stone magazine’s “500 Greatest Songs of All Time.”

The song is based on A major, but the intro riff is based on A7 by using the notes from the A Mixolydian mode. The challenge here is the string-skipping technique. Start slowly for accuracy and then increase the speed. The original tempo of the song is 96bpm the quarter note.

Fig. 1 – Sweet Emotion’s bass intro

Bass Lines - Famous Bass Intros - Part III - Sweet Emotion-Transciption

Until the next month for more famous bass intros. Keep grooving!

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