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GrooveTech Bass Player Tech Kit Review

GrooveTech Bass Player Tech Kit Review
A review of the GrooveTech Bass Player Tech Kit

Tired of the weather (and what have you) messing with your truss rod adjustment and action… or just want to avoid the cost of having a guitar tech setup your bass for you? Then you need the GrooveTech Bass Player Tech Kit from CruzTools. Even if you are not sure of how to setup your bass properly, the included instruction manual will give you all the details you need to be successful. The manual gives detailed instructions that work for all basses, from the measurement and adjustment of the truss rod to setting up action and intonation. It even goes into detail about proper pickup height adjustment.

Tools included will allow you to work on any bass. Included in the GrooveTech Bass Player Tech Kit from CruzTools is a 6-in-1 reversible screwdriver, measurement blade which includes a small 3” ruler and thickness gauges from .05 mm to .63mm, various hex keys from 1.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, .05in, 1/16”, 5/64”, 7/64”, and 3/16”. There is also a capo, which will assist you in adjusting the truss rod. Also included are string sitters. All of this is packaged in a nice carry kit with instruction manual located in the pocket behind the tools.

I’ve always been skeptical about adjusting my own bass necks on certain basses, and more comfortable on adjusting others. With this toolkit, I am able to adjust the neck, action, and intonation without hesitation on all my basses. As I said before, all the tools you need to do a proper setup are included and it is well worth checking out from a music retailer near you or online at

See the first of four youtube video’s from CruzTools for proper bass setup

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