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My First Bass Book, Compiled and Arranged by Mike Cornelison and Dave Tuckman

My First Bass Book
My First Bass Book is a collection of 61 children’s classics and family favorites arranged for the Bass guitar.

Each title is arranged and presented on facing pages, the left-hand page with just the melody in notation and tab, the right-hand page with melody, accompaniment and the tab to the accompaniment. This gives only a single-part to work on for the page with the melody and a complete, two-part arrangement for the facing page.

This book was written primarily as a collection of great duets that can be shared between teacher and student, but can also be a great tool for developing your improvisational skills as a soloist. We can promise you – if you memorize all these melodies that you probably already know how to sing and learn to play those phrases on your bass as easy as you can sing them, you will be amazed at how much your vocabulary as a soloist will improve. You might play a snippet of a melody from a children’s song as a wink and a nod to the audience, or even more likely, you might hear snippets of snippets coming out exactly as you visualized them in your head as your own individual phrases. Written in standard notation and TAB. 132 pages and 61 MP3 files.

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