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Marco Pinna – Amigus, CD Review

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Marco Pinna – Amigus, CD Review

Marco Pinna - Amigus, CD Review

The latest release from Marco Pinna, Amigus, in just a two words is amazingly remarkable.

While Amigus gave me visions of being in Italy, I finally realized that I had to come back to reality. Amigus will take you to places and give you relaxing visions that you may have never dreamed of before. Close your eyes, sit back, listen, and be mesmerized. From the samba like flavor of Summer Nights with a singing fretless bass performed by no other than Sean O’Bryan Smith, to the superb compostions and yet mystifying melodies coming from the nylon strings of Marco on Amigus and San Fernando, and I must not forget to mention the grooving fretless bass solo on Amigus. Braziliana will have you relaxing in the atmosphere of Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

Marco Pinna has surrounded himself with some of the finest musicians for Amigus incliding Sean O’Bryan Smith on electric bass, upright bass and keyboards, Glen Wiliams on drums and percussion, Kyle Nachtigal on steel string guitar, Chester Thompson on drums for Amigus and Jan, Kenny Zarider on piano and keys for San Fernando and Kids, Lee Hines on percussion for La Salsera, Braziliana, and Algeciras, Peter Gallinari on Hammond orgon for Fiesta, The Chech Angel on synth and rhodes for Jan, and Shannon Wickline on piano for Amigus.

All of the songs on Amigus were written by Marco and it was refreshing to hear something new and different. If you want to take a litle voyage, relax, and clear your mind, take a listen to the newst release from Marco Pinna, Amigus.

Amigus is available from CDBaby and iTunes

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