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Marianne’s Wish – Bleeding Love Bass Transcription

Marianne’s Wish is one of my favorite Cypriot rock bands, therefore this month I decided to transcribe one of their bass lines!

Their ingenuous sound applies to the current rock music scene, while it always referencing the past… “More than anything else is important to study history” B.B. King.

Marianne’s Wish is an alternative/experimental rock band that was created in early 2011 and is based in Cyprus! The band is the result of a long standing collaboration between George Solonos, guitarist, and Chris J, drummer. Their efforts landed them the honor of participation in four tracks of Tommy Lee’s, “Methods of Mayhem.”  Following this success, they teamed up with talented frontman Francois Micheletto and bassist Taf. The result of this formation was the band’s debut album, “Add To Wishlist”, released in February 2012 by Infinity12 Records.

The track I transcribed is called, “Bleeding Love.”

Marianne's Wish - Bleeding Love Bass Transcription

Enjoy and keep on Grooving!

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