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Vivid VB1500 Bass Amp – Gear Review

Gear Reviews

Vivid VB1500 Bass Amp – Gear Review

Gear Review of the Vivid VB1500 Bass Amp

Is power possible in a small package ? You bet! I am constantly amazed at how bass amp heads are getting smaller and smaller, albeit, with some that pack more punch than others. One of those is the newly released Vivid VB1500 Bass Amp. Weighing in at just a little over 5 lbs and measuring in at 10” x 8” with depth of 2 1/4”, this little amp boosts 500 watts of power at both 8 and 4 ohms. Boasted as having low distortion, I ran this little power house at two different venues and have yet to see an amp that runs this clean, I would have to say this really seems to have no distortion at all and may be one of the few cleanest amps on the market today.

The Vivid VB1500 Bass Amp was tested with both upright and electric basses and even the sound tech stated that this little beast runs cleaner than most they have ever seem, especially when running out of the XLR DI output straight into the board. Running it through a different bass cab at each venue really did not change the sound output of the amp either, it sounded perfectly fine wether running through a 1-15 cab or a 2-12 cab. While the amp processes 500 watts, it also is equipped with a three band EQ for bass, midrange, and treble. There are two controls for the midrange, one for frequency and one for level. Volume is controlled with a pre-amp gain and master volume. Inputs include a high impedance input for your instrument, effects, and auxiliary. Outputs are two parallel Speakon combo jacks, XLR DI, headphone, and effects. On the front panel, there is also a mute button and a flat button which bypasses the three band EQ.

Be sure to also check out the other fine bass amps offered from Vivid Amps as well!!

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