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Alberto Rigoni Releases, Overloaded

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Alberto Rigoni Releases, Overloaded

Alberto Rigoni Overloaded Artwork

Brand new, and now available is the latest release from bassist Alberto Rigoni, Overloaded.

Powerful, Explosive, Creative, and I could go on. Overloaded is “loaded” with creative and magical musical compositions throughout. Aside from the narrative on a few tracks, Overloaded is completely instrumental and in my opinion, is the progressive rock instrumental release of 2014. Each tune is chock full of creative and difficult passages and will not disappoint. From clean to fuzz bass lines, screaming guitars and keyboards and massive percussion of title track Overloaded, Chron, and Corruption to the subtle smooth lines of Floating Capsule, Overloaded will keep you wanting more. The bass solo in Floating Capsule is pure and melodic, letting us know that you don’t need a million notes a minute in order to do a fine bass composition, and the creativity of the harmonics in Multitasking is just mind blowing! The final track, “Glory of Life” is just a pure, featuring Alberto on a very impressive bass only composition.

Alberto has recruited some of the finest musicians including Federico Salazzo (Alexia, Guthrie Govan, Mattias IA Eklundh) on keyboards, Simone Mularoni (GDM, Empyrios), Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie), and Fabrizo “Bicio” Leo on guitars, Denis Novello on drums, and Bill Lee doing the narrative on “What’s On Your Mind?” Check out Alberto Rigoni’s latest release available now on iTunes. Need more? Check out Alberto’s past releases “Rebirth”, Something Different”, and Three Wise Monkeys”, available on iTunes.

Check out Overloaded from Alberto Rigoni here!

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