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Ibanez SR1400E Premium and SR1405TEVNF Premium – Bass Reviews

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Ibanez SR1400E Premium and SR1405TEVNF Premium – Bass Reviews

Ibanez SR1400E Premium and SR1405TEVNF Premium - Bass ReviewsBass Reviews of the Ibanez SR1400E Premium and SR1405TEVNF Premium

Ibanez has just released two beautiful  and elegant basses in the SR Premium series. The SR1400E is a 4 string bass with bolt on neck and the SR1405TEVNF is a 5 string neck-through bass. The SR1400E and SR1405TEVNF bodies are constructed of a figured maple top/mahogany body. The SR1400E is available as a 4 string and 5 string (SR1405E) and both are available in deep ocean flat (blue), and dark rose flat (red). The SR1405TEVNF 5 string is also available as a 4 string (SR1400TEVNF) and the finish on both is vintage natural flat. Both basses come equipped with Nordstrand “Big Single” pickups for both the neck and bridge pickups. The electronics are the EQB-IIISC Eq complete with bass, treble, and mid boost/cut and the capability to turn the EQ on and off with a switch. There is also a frequency selector for mids allowing you to choose between 250Hz and 600Hz. Rounding out the electronics is a volume control and balance control for bridge/neck pickup blend.

The necks for both basses are the same, being constructed as a 5 piece wenge/bubinga neck with titanium rods. The fretboards are rosewood completed with oval abalone inlays, and the frets are medium sized and rounded out to precision on the ends. These have to be the smoothest fret ends I have come across that allows for even smoother playability that complements the fast neck of the SR series. Both the SR1400E and SR1405TEVNF come with 24 frets, gold hardware, and the mono-rail bridges. Both basses are extremely light, which can be an advantage depending on the length of a gig or playing time you may be putting in.

Being that both basses are in the SR1400 series, I thought they would be similar in tonal capabilities due to the pickups and electronics, but that is definitely not the case. Both basses would be great to use no matter what genre as the electronics, and lets not forget the Nordstrand pickups, can give you endless possibilites. I did notice, and was quite surprised, of the amount of sustain that can be achieved with both basses. While the SR1405TEVNF being neck-through has an ample amount of sustain, the SR1400E with it’s bolt-on neck isn’t far behind. Both of these basses can be warm with a nice growl, or punchy and aggressive depending on what you want to accomplish. Check out both the SR1400E (4 string) /SR1405E (5 string)and SR1405TEVNF (5 string)/SR1400TEVNF (4 string) Premium SR Basses at a music retailer near you and I can guarantee, you’ll want to take one home!

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