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Bass Transcription – Spanish Castle Magic by Jimi Hendrix

Spanish Castle Magic by Jimi Hendrix, a Bass Transcription…

My version of the bass line worked very well when I was singing lead and playing bass in a power trio called Scribe.  I particularly like the use of the open E & A string while playing in 7th position as it keeps a wide and driving bottom to the sound while remain lyrical up top.  Enjoy the 1/2 step bend up from the 10th fret to G#.  It is good practice to get comfortable playing the bend in tune and holding it for 5 notes.  The phrase has a power chord near the end too!  The hammered-on notes need to maintain a thick and full tone to keep this puppy rockin’ so put down all of your fingers when playing these.


Spanish Castle Magic Bass Transcription

Video Demonstration

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