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Shredneck Z-Series Travel Bass and Low Rider Bass Neck Reviews

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Shredneck Z-Series Travel Bass and Low Rider Bass Neck Reviews

Shredneck Z-Series Travel BassBass Gear Reviews – Shredneck Z-Series Travel Bass and Low Rider Bass Neck

Need to travel and can’t take your full size bass, or want to work on some things while in the office, sitting in the hotel room, or just to warm up? Two fantastic products from Shredneck can help you achieve just that! The Shredneck Z-series Travel Bass is a 5/8 scale bass, complete with 24 frets

The body is constructed of nato wood, which is a type of mahogany. The neck is constructed of maple with a rosewood fingerboard and all the hardware is chrome. The electronics consist of a P/J configuration with volume/tone selection for the pickups. The instrument jack is located on the heel of the body at a 45 degree angle.

A test drive really impressed on the gig. The weight of the bass with the combination of the mahogany body and maple neck produces a warm well rounded tone. By looking at the bass, you would think it would be about 4lbs, but it actually weighs in at 7.6lbs. Achieving the tone and playability of a standard size bass was not an issue.

You could use the Shredneck Z-Series Travel Bass to play an entire gig, or just as a backup for your main bass. The case that comes with the bass is well padded for protecting the bass during transport and has two pockets for tuner, cables, and anything else you want to carry along.

Shredneck Z-Series Travel Bass is available in a mystic red finish with a pearl white pickgaurd, and black with a choice between a white pearl or black pearl pickgaurd.

Shredneck Low Rider Bass NeckThe Shredneck Low Rider Bass Neck is the great for practice and as a warmup tool.

Available in 4 string models, they come with a rosewood fingerboard, six frets, thumb rest for right or left hand players, and chrome hardware. The  Shredneck Low Rider Bass Neck is available in black, white, and transparent red. Take it along anywhere you go and use anytime you want. I was able to practice scales, arpeggios, work out different fingerings for bass lines among other things.

The Shredneck Low Rider Bass Neck does come with a soft case for carry and a stand is also available as well. You can also you whatever strings you prefer, or order replacement strings from Shredneck.

Check out the Shredneck Z-Series Travel Bass and Shredneck Low Rider Bass Neck on the Shredneck website!



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