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Bass Transcription for “One of Those Things” by Buck Ford


Bass Transcription for “One of Those Things” by Buck Ford

Bass Transcription for One of Those Things by Buck Ford

Bass Transcription for “One of Those Things” by Buck Ford...

When I first heard this song, the intro immediately reminded me of “How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You”, but once the tune gets underway, it is unmistakably real country music.  I decided to write my own bass parts for some of Buck’s tunes, “One of Those Things” being among them.

Real country music bass playing is a practice in the art of subtlety and feel.  All too often, bass players assume that country bass playing is simple and unimportant.  This could not be further from the truth when you get down to actually pulling it off so that you like what you hear played back recorded.  A good country bassist will provide dynamic musical support for the vocalist, while maintaining a good laid back feel.   Always record yourself to get an honest accounting of what you really sound like.

CLICK to Download – One Of Those Things

Buck Ford is a very talented vocalist on the Real Country Music Scene in 2014. (

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