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Perfect Pitch Method: A Musician’s Guide to Recognizing Pitches by Ear

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Perfect Pitch Method: A Musician’s Guide to Recognizing Pitches by Ear


Hal Leonard will hit the right note at NAMM when it introduces its new Perfect Pitch Method: A Musician’s Guide to Recognizing Pitches by Ear.

Many years in the making, the method is written by Adam Perlmutter and comes complete with three CDs as well as access to online audio.

Perfect pitch – also called absolute pitch – has been a source of endless fascination for hundreds of years. The ability to recognize musical notes with no reference tone is often viewed as a kind of magical power: a gift that only a select few musicians are born with, and a skill that cannot be learned.

But perfect pitch is largely a misunderstood phenomenon. The Hal Leonard Perfect Pitch Method is designed to help musicians develop a sense of perfect pitch. In the process, their overall musicianship will improve, and they’ll start listening to music on a deeper level and getting more satisfaction from it.

At the heart of this book is a series of 49 ear-training sessions, designed to be studied one per day for seven weeks, using the included CDs or the online audio. Many of the lessons include three separate drills, which can be done one at a time to stretch the method out, or all three at once. Students are encouraged to take their time with these sessions, advancing to the next only when they are satisfied with their results on the previous session. Soon, they will begin to notice a marked improvement in their pitch acuity.

Author Adam Perlmutter – who of course has perfect pitch! – is a freelance writer, transcriber, and engraver living in Los Angeles. He contributes to Premier Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Aficionado and other leading music magazines, and has written a number of instructional books, including Color Your Chords (Cherry Lane) and Jim Hall: Signature Licks (Hal Leonard).

Well-researched and meticulously structured, the Hal Leonard Perfect Pitch Method (HL00311221) is a true value at just $29.99, providing months of quality training. Available at

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