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Bass Books – Bass Lesson Goldmine Series

Bass Books

Bass Books – Bass Lesson Goldmine Series

Bassists of all styles will greatly expand their knowledge with the new Bass Lesson Goldmine series.

Hal Leonard will roll out Blues, Rock, Jazz and Funk/R&B books with online audio at NAMM.

Bass Lesson Goldmine titles feature 100 self-contained tutorials taught by a tag-team of highly regarded authors. The packs cover an array of essential topics, with detailed instruction and playing examples presented in both standard notation and tablature. Players learn useful tips, all aspects of the style, the signature techniques of key artists, and much more. Scale diagrams, chord grids and photos reinforce the learning experience.

The accompanying audio – conveniently available for download and/or streaming from – features hundreds of tracks, including performance demos of every example in the book. The lessons aren’t progressive, so players can jump around from topic to topic.

100 Blues Lessons (HL00131002) by Chad Johnson and Chris Kringel covers:

12-Bar Blues; Turnarounds; Intros & Endings; Swing; Boogie Woogie; “Stormy Monday” Changes; The Mixolydian Mode; Palm Muting; Pentatonic Scales; Soloing; Arpeggios; Chart-Reading Essentials; Texas, New Orleans and Chicago Blues; and the styles of Willie Dixon, Donald “Duck” Dunn, Tommy Shannon, Jack Bruce, Roscoe Beck, Jerry Jemmott and Johnny B. Gayden. CLICK TO VIEW


100 Rock Lessons (HL00131461) by Steve Gorenberg and Matt Scharfglass teaches:

First Position Notes; Slapping; Drop D Tuning; 5-String Bass; Machine Gun 16th Notes; Scales, Modes and Arpeggios; Hammer-Ons, Pull-Offs and Slides; Rock Rhythms and Progressions; Complex Time Signatures; Playing with a Drummer; Doubling the Guitar; and the styles of Paul McCartney, John Paul Jones, John Entwistle, Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, Geezer Butler and Billy Sheehan. CLICK TO VIEW


Josh Needleman and Matt Rybicki wrote 100 Jazz Lessons (HL00131462) for both upright and electric bass.

Topics include: String Crossing; Intonation; Double Stops; Fingering Strategies; Raking; Two Feel; Jazz Waltz; Odd Meters; Ostinatos; Pedal Points; Reharmonizing; Walking Lines; Interval Cycles; Motivic Development; Bossa Nova; Relative Keys; Modes of the Major Scale; Lydian and Phrygian Dominant; II–V–I Progressions; Building a Solo; and Using a Bow. CLICK TO VIEW


100 Funk/R&B Lessons (HL00131463) by Steve Gorenberg and Chris Kringel covers:

The Pocket; Slap & Pop Techniques; Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs; Staccato & Tenuto; Funk Fills & Phrasing; Disco; Funk Rock; Jam Band Funk; Acid Jazz; and the styles of James Brown, Bootsy Collins, Larry Graham, Louis Johnson, Rocco Prestia, Flea, Stanley Clarke; Marcus Miller; Victor Wooten; Verdine White; Donald “Duck” Dunn; James Jamerson; Carol Kaye; Nathan East, Sting and others. CLICK TO VIEW



Bass players could easily pay $30 for a single lesson: with the Bass Lesson Goldmine series, they get 100 expertly taught tutorials for just $24.99!

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