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Bass Apps for the Tech-Savvy Musician

Bass Apps for the Tech-Savvy Musician

Bass Apps for the Tech-Savvy Musician…

Just like any other musician, good practice makes a good player. The problem, however, is that bass players can’t carry their hardware with them all the time. Those who want to practice at work during break times have no choice but to wait until they get home. That is, until the development of apps that were developed specifically for bass players.

Here are two bass apps that you can tinker with when you’re not carrying your instrument.

Bass Guitar Tutor Free

The name says it all. You can learn bass techniques for free with this app. Learn how to play bass lines and even typical patterns used for reggae, rock, and other genres of music. The app can be customized according to a musician’s needs. For example, the fretboard can be resized in order to fit smartgadgets of all sizes. A Fender bass guitar was used in recording the sounds so people can count on the app’s quality.

Bass Guitar Tutor Free is exclusively available for Android users.

Real Bass App

This app is for musicians who already know how to play the bass guitar. Turn you smartphone into an instant practice device with the Real Bass App! You can choose acoustic, electric fingered, electric slapped, and many other sounds to fit the type of music you want to play. It also has 6 types of bass guitar that emit studio-quality audio. Users can even record their music in order to spot the parts they need to improve on at a later time.

Apps like Real Bass can be used in the creation of gaming apps. “Stairway to 7,” a game featured on recreational website Pocket Fruity, is a rock-themed slot title that uses iconic symbols and music. The audio quality of the bass used in the game has a similar feel with Real Bass’ sounds. As such, musicians aren’t the only ones who will benefit from the app but game developers as well.

The Real Bass App can be downloaded for free, and is available only for Android users.

While there’s no real substitute to actual musical instruments, these apps would do if you need a quick practice.

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