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TC Electronic BH800 Review

 TC Electronic BH800 Review

TC Electronic BH800 Review

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Ever since the introduction of the BH250 Bass Amp Head, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of a bigger powerhouse in the series. The BH250 is a great head at 250 watts, which I used for quite a few smaller clubs. In comes the bigger brothers, the BH550 and the BH800. Both of these amps have the great features of the BH250, with some added bonuses. The BH800 is equipped with a built-in tuner that will work with 4,5, and 6 string basses. The controls are gain, bass, lo-mid, hi-mid, treble and master. With the BH800, you can have two different tone prints loaded at one time, with a toggle switch to choose between the tone prints that are loaded, and a knob to control the amount of effect. The amount of effects you can get to load on the BH800 is quite numerous. It does come pre-loaded with two TonePrints. TonePrint one is the TubeDrive and TonePrint two is the TC Classic Chorus. To load a TonePrint, you need to get the TonePrint app for your phone or tablet dependent on which type of device you have. I have successfully loaded TonePrints from both an iPhone and an Android tablet with no issues.  Choose your TonePrint, place the device over your pickup and the data is transferred.

On the back panel of the BH800 there is one speakon connection for your speaker.

tce-bh800-rearThe BH800 can handle a minimum load of 4 Ohms and all the while pushing out 800 watts. There is a connection for the TC Electronic Switch-3 pedal which can control mute, turn a TonePrint on and off, and switch between TonePrints. There is a USB connection that can be used to load TonePrints and updating the firmware and the util button is used when updating the firmware. There is an 1/8” headphone jack and aux input, which is great for practicing along with tunes and using the TonePrints along with them . You do not need to have a speaker connected to the BH800, matter of fact, when you plug headphones into the headphone jack, the speaker output is disabled. The balanced output XLR allows you to connect directly to a PA or recording device and there is also a toggle switch for pre/post EQ.

With the TC Electronic BH800, it seems like perfection in a bass amp has been achieved. Not only did it sound great when using it on gigs, it was, well, just easy to setup and had everything I needed. No more having to carry a few pedals, the BH800 will do everything you need it to do. Not only is is great sounding, loading different TonePrints and just messing around with all the different effects that be loaded was effortless, and fun. If you are in the market for a reliable powerhouse bass amp that can pretty much do it all except the dishes, give it a try at a local TC Electronic retailer near you!

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