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Review: Jon Von Boehm’s Self-titled Release

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Review: Jon Von Boehm’s Self-titled Release

Jon Von Boehm

Review: Jon Von Boehm’s Self-titled Release

Musically phenomenal!! I have to say that Jon Von Boehm’s self titled release has to be one of my favorites for 2014, and it’s going to be hard to beat in 2015. Everything is a musical conversation. The way the phrasing in constructed in each composition reflects true feeling. From the structure of “The Machine Lies” with it’s smooth transitions. The differently distinct parts make it feel like they are having a conversation with each other especially about midway through, where I can’t tell if anger or excitement is abound, right into someone being rational, then every one is happy and they groove right on out. After all, isn’t that what it’s really about?  “Mr. Uncertainty” is a classic style smooth jazz with an edge. light and airy, and downright funky. “Funk in a Bizzle”, while I have no idea what a Bizzle is, but whatever the funk is in there, well, you are gonna want more of it. One of my favorites is “The Thing Of It Is” which is a heavy progressive tune with a touch of Vai and Satriani. Whenever these two talk to each other, no doubt they do it like this. “Fickle Humpty” almost reminds me of early progressive (genesis,etc) and a mix of smooth jazz. All of the nine tunes are creative, some with effects and some without. The use of effects only intensifies the emotion that Jon is trying to portray through his music. The second release can’t arrive soon enough!

The lineup on the album is done with none other that musicians from Nashville, LA, and South Africa including Michael Green (drums – Nashville). Walter Scott (keys – Nashville). Michael Gutierrez (sax – Nashville). Denny Jiosa (guitar – Nashville). Chris West (sax – Nashville). Jonathan Crone (guitar – Nashville). Dann Glenn (guitar – LA). Ben Badenhorst (guitar – South Africa). Kenny Zarider (piano and keys – Nashville). Scott Goudeau (guitar – Nashville). and Lara Landon (vocals – Nashville).

Check out Jon’s website at Not only can you get the newest release from his website, it is also available at and

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