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Artist Update with Bassist Jon Von Boehm

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‘Hustle’… Artist Update with Bassist Jon Von Boehm

‘Hustle’… Artist Update with Bassist Jon Von Boehm

Bassist Jon Von Boehm on his new album ‘Hustle’, featuring Aly Cutter.

On ‘Hustle’, expect the unexpected, in my opinion, should really be the name of the latest release from Bassist Jon Von Boehm; of course, I like the name “Hustle” just as much.

On this album, Jon isn’t afraid to take things outside the box. Being true to himself and his musicianship, he plays what he feels. So many folks put music and musicians into categories, which isn’t fair; musicians should be able to express themselves the way they feel, and that is what Jon has done on this release and he has done it extremely well.

As my friend Andy Poynter states, “Jon Von Boehm has not only taken the brave steps to release an EP in these tough times for any musician but he has also taken a dramatic change to the style we all know and love. The Masterful Bass is still there but his collaboration with Aly Cutter really works”.

On ‘Hustle’, Jon only uses bass, while you may find that hard to believe, that’s what it is.

Jon is a master at creating some of the coolest soundscapes with bass that I have ever heard, and these soundscapes are abundant and extremely well done. I can’t recall any bassists doing what Jon has done on this release. Are there bass-only releases only out there? Sure, there are a multitude of them, but I can’t recall any of them going to the extreme that Jon has with ‘Hustle’.

On top of doing all the bass, Jon has done all the drum and percussion programming. Enter Aly Cutter, a vocalist with a beautiful, angelic voice to add even more spice to an already, well, I am just going to say it, a magnificent work of art.

I got to sit down with Jon to talk about the new album and a favorite subject, gear…

My only disappointment with ‘Hustle’ is that it only has six tracks, being honest here, I want more.

From the smooth funk groove of “Bet You Can’t”, to the great grooving feel of “Spotlight” with Aly just adding more here with the feel of her performance on this one and right after the breakdown, that funky slap-groove we all know that Jon does very well. Let’s not forget “What You Need”, which has a very fitting tapping section, and “Maiden Fair”, which kind of reminds me a little of smooth Jazz. I have to say it, if I had to pick a favorite, which was hard to do, it would have to be “Spotlight”, which has a nice melodic bass solo (after all, it is a solo bass release – lol).

Jon Von Boehm always leaves me wanting more from him with his releases and we never will know what his next one will be, but I already expect the unexpected and I know Jon can deliver in that aspect. Who knows, maybe the next one will be a metal release! (hint hint)

You can check out Jon Von Boehm and Aly Cutter on: Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, Saavn, Boomplay, Anghami, KKBox, NetEase, Tencent, Triller, Yandex Music, MediaNet and Shazam.

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