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Wayne Krantz – Good Piranha/Bad Piranha

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Wayne Krantz – Good Piranha/Bad Piranha

Wayne Krantz - Good Piranha - Bad Piranha

Wayne Krantz – Good Piranha/Bad Piranha

The latest release from Wayne Krantz, Good Piranha/Bad Piranha is different, refreshing, and at first, because of the song titles, can be a little confusing at first. Good Piranha/Bad Piranha is comprised of eight tunes and at first look, the confusing part is each tune, well, at least the title of each tune is on the track twice. By the title, the first four tunes would be the good, with the second four tunes being the bad. Don’t let that be misleading, there are no “bad” tunes on this release. Matter of fact, they are very well constructed with the good side having some similarities to the bad side. Think more along the lines of a good piranha that won’t bite the hand that feeds you and a bad piranha just taking whatever he can get.

Musical creativity abound, Good Piranha/Bad Piranha is really in a class of it’s own with a mix of funk, rock, jazz, and smooth vocal lines. It doesn’t stop there especially with the nice mix of musicians including Tim Lefebvre on bass Keith Carlock on Drums, Nate Wood on bass/drums, and Gabriela Anders on Vocals. Check out Wayne Krantz, Good Piranha/Bad Piranha on iTunes.

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