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Wayne Krantz | “Krantz Carlock LeFebvre” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

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Wayne Krantz | “Krantz Carlock LeFebvre” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

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Wayne Krantz
“Krantz Carlock LeFebvre”

Whoa… This is Krantz first studio release since 1993 (every release since has been live) and he really does make use of the best of both worlds here. Playing with his longtime band-mates Tim LeFebvre (Le-Fave) and Keith Carlock, these guys had mastered the art of the live trio navigating Krantz innovative & propulsive style for years at the 55 Bar in Greenwich Village and around the world. Taking that energy and applying it to a studio setting with more production, ability to overdub, tweak sounds, play with post-production, etc.. This album is pretty astounding! One of the first things I noticed was quite obviously… vocals?!?! Don’t worry, the vocals do not detract from any musical statements we’re used to hearing from these guys. In fact, to be honest, I found this the most listen-able album Wayne has ever put out. Don’t take that the wrong way… I am an absolutely HUGE fan of Wayne and his various trios. His albums have always seemed to me, however, a bit of a sonic assault and I could never listen to more than a few tracks at a time intently. This one is just different enough to give us what we love about his music and playing without the brain strain. There are only vocals on a few tracks and they mostly amount to a quirky or funny chorus (very non-invasive), supported by and proceeded by the musical tour-de-force we’re used to from Krantz.

The grooves are fantastic. Keith Carlock is an entity unto his own. Tim LeFebvre and Wayne are both masters of effective use of effects and sound-scapes and this project is produced by the both of them, resulting in a supremely interesting project full of layers, interesting textures, deep grooves and all backed by the world-class and ever unique Keith Carlock.

If you’ve never heard Wayne Krantz, you’ll be truly astounded by the musicality of these guys. Truly both a musical high-wire act and high-art that pulls you in and leaves your jaw on the floor.

If you’re a long time lover of Wayne Krantz’s music, you’ll find this album to be a beautiful and stunning evolution of everything he’s been doing for the past 20 years.

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