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Yamaha TRBX305 5-String Bass Review

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Yamaha TRBX305 5-String Bass Review

Yamaha TRBX305 5-String Bass Review

The Yamaha TRBX305 5-String Bass, a truly optimal and perfectly balanced bass that will fit all your needs with minimal effort.

Dial in a tone that you like and with the minor adjustment of a toggle switch, your tone will change to match your needs without even readjusting the bass and treble EQ controls. I feel the need to point out this feature first, simply for the fact that no one has done this before to my knowledge. Sure, you have your two-way switches on many basses that toggle between midrange frequencies, but none like this particular bass. Located right behind the balance and treble controls is a five-way toggle switch that gives you EQ curves to shape and define your tone. This five-way toggle switch includes EQ optimization for slap, pick, flat, finger, and solo shapes and gives you the extra definition that you need. Things don’t stop there.

The Yamaha TRBX305 5-String Bass is constructed of a cool sculptured Mahogany body shape, and a maple and mahogany five-piece neck with a rosewood fingerboard complete with 24 frets. Adjustment of the truss rod is done in front of the neck pickup and has a nice guard to prevent you from scratching the body when making adjustments. Electronics consist of specially designed MHB3b and MHB3n pickups with ceramic magnets and large poles. The pickups even have integrated thumb rests. It also features the Performance EQ, which consists of volume, bass, treble, balance controls, and the five way toggle switch for optimization of your tone that was mentioned earlier. The active electronics are powered by a 9-volt battery with an easy-to-access battery compartment and lets you change batteries by just popping the old one out and the new one in. No wires!!! 🙂

The bridge is made of die-cast metal giving you a full tone with 18mm spacing. The neck joint is smooth and along with the body shape allows full access right to the 24th fret.

The TRBX305 is a lot of fun to play and the five-way EQ toggle switch makes it easy to dial in great tones. Most 5-string basses I have come across are 35”. The Bass is a 34” bass, but I really didn’t notice the difference when performing with the bass with the shorter neck as I am used to 35” necks for 5-string basses. It performs flawlessly and is at a very comfortable price point for any bassist.

The Yamaha TRBX305 5-String Bass is available in many colors including Candy Apple Red, Black, White Pewter, and Mist Green. All body colors are completed with matching headstock color. If your preference is a 4-string bass, Yamaha also offers the TRBX304 model, which has all the same features as the TRBX305.

Check out the fine line of Yamaha TRBX305 and TRBX304 at a Yamaha music retailer near you!


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