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100 Jazz Lessons from Hal Leonard

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100 Jazz Lessons from Hal Leonard

100 Jazz Lessons from Hal Leonard

100 Jazz Lessons from Hal Leonard

100 Jazz Lessons, which is part of the Bass Lesson Goldmine from Hal Leonard, is for both electric and upright bass and while this does cover both instruments, I only found one exercise that has to be done on upright, which is the arco technique lesson. 100 Jazz Lessons covers everything, and I do mean everything, you need to know for the jazz genre and allowing you to expand even further in your creativity on what you take from the lessons. The book starts out with basic technique from fret hand workout to string crossing, double stops, warmups, and more. Odd meters is covered, along with Ostinatos, Drones, pedal points, tensions, and reharmonizing which a lot of us refer to as chord substitution. Scales, modes, and arpeggio lessons will keep you bust while further developing your jazz creativity. II-V-I’s, 12 bar major and minor blues are covered along with 16 bar minor blues and 32 bar AABA forms. Summing the lessons up is chromatics, soloing, rhythm changes, and fun with three note chords.

Audio is included with 100 Jazz Lessons and is available from Hal Leonard for download, or if you have other publications from Hal Leonard, you can create an account, and the accompanying audio can be either played or downloaded from the Internet. some of the lessons have more than one audio example, and I highly recommend listening to the audio examples for each lesson. Lessons 1-50 were created by Matt Rybicki, and Lessons 51-100 were created by Josh Needleman. All you need to get you started on the right path to being a jazz master is in the Bass Lesson Goldmine 100 Jazz Lessons from Hal Leonard. 100 Jazz Bass Lessons is available from Hal Leonard and BassBooks!

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