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Carvin/Kiesel JB 5 Bass – Video Review

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Carvin/Kiesel JB 5 Bass – Video Review

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This month we take on the Carvin/Kiesel JB 5 Bass

Carvin states that, “The JB5 takes the classic jazz look that bassists appreciate, and combines that with contemporary features as found on other Custom Shop basses. The JB5 is more than just another take on a classic design; it’s the best jazz bass we’ve ever made. It has been designed to offer superior balance, excellent tone, and playability that can’t be beat. Features such as our locking bass bridge, smooth contoured neck heel with 5-bolt neck plate, 22-fret neck with dual carbon-fiber reinforcement rods and new JVA single-coil jazz pickups make the JB5 a true player’s instrument, regardless of your playing style or genre. The JB5 is made in the USA, and is loaded with features generally only found in boutique instruments. However, because we sell direct to you, you don’t have to pay a boutique price for your new JB5. With hundreds of options available, you can build your JB5 exactly the way you want it, whether you prefer a classic, understated look or a fully-loaded eye-catcher.”

Personally I give it a 4.8 out of 5 stars. Fit, finish and tone make it a great buy! Watch the video for more info or go to for more details!

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