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Bass Book – 100 Funk/R&B Lessons from Hal Leonard {REVIEW}

Bass Books

Bass Book – 100 Funk/R&B Lessons from Hal Leonard {REVIEW}


Bass Book – 100 Funk/R&B Lessons from Hal Leonard

100 Funk/R&B Lessons, part of the Bass Lesson Goldmine series from Hal Leonard, is truly a goldmine not only for bassists in the funk and R&B genre, but for all bassists. Written by Steve Gorenberg and Chris Kringel, 100 Funk/R&B Lessons, as titled, has 100 lessons covering over 200 pages. Everything from playing in the pocket, slap and pop, harmony, rhythm, and then covering funk styles that can be used in rock, metal, acid jazz, and jam-band. Styles of many notable artists are represented including Stanley Clark, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Duck Dunn, Bob Babbitt Jerry Jemmott, plus many more. Scales, Arpeggios, and chords are also covered.

Audio is also available for 100 Funk/R&B Lessons via download from the Hal Leonard  library. All of the lessons have multiple accompanying audio examples which can either be downloaded or played from the library on the Hal Leonard site.  Get some funk and R&B style in your bass playing with the 100 Funk/R&B Lessons now available from Hal Leonard and BassBooks!

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