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Metallic Taste of Blood – “Doctoring the Dead” CD Review

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Metallic Taste of Blood – “Doctoring the Dead” CD Review

Metallic Taste of Blood -“Doctoring the Dead

Metallic Taste of Blood – “Doctoring the Dead”… In one word, magnificent.

The sophomore instrumental release of “Doctoring the Dead” from Metallic Taste of Blood is filled with sinister bass lines and guitar riffs, mysterious piano and synth overtones and melodies, complete with darkness that keeps you on edge for what is about to come next. From the starting tune Ipissimus, which builds off from a starting point with Colin Edwin just laying down a simple four note groove, to Pashupati, which starts out smooth and just explodes featuring some nice counterpoint lines between the bass and guitar. “Doctoring the Dead” has a very smooth and creative bass line that, well, if it doctors the dead and brings us back, then I can’t wait. The guitar “pads” at the beginning of the tune really compliments the bass lines. All of the tunes really stood out in terms of creativity, and another one of those was Murder Burger. Murder Burger has slightly distorted bass, with heavily distorted guitar, leading into something very unpredictable that just makes you want to move with it’s spacious groove.

Metallic Taste of Blood consists of some of the finest musicians. Edwin Colin (bass) and Eraldo Bernocchi (guitar and soundsculptor) lead the group and are joined by Ted Parsons (drums) and Roy Powell (keyboard). The talent pool of these four musicians has brought a lot to the table for Metallic Taste of Blood’s “Doctoring the Dead”. All type of musical influences abound from ambient, electronic, progressive rock and jazz all make up elements of this release. This release is brutal, unpredictable, dark, yet at times, very soothing and ambient. Colin Edwin is a master at creating monster grooves with very little effort. I can pretty much guarantee that you will be hungry for more Metallic Taste of Blood after listening to “Doctoring the Dead”. You can get more by checking out the self-titled first release. “Doctoring the Dead” is filled with eight songs with a run time of 50 minutes. You will be wanting more!

Metallic Taste of Blood’s “Doctoring the Dead” is available from RareNiose Records.

Check out the Metallic Taste of Blood website!

Metallic Taste of Blood – “Doctoring the Dead” track listing:

1) Ipissimus

2) Pashupati

3) Synthetic Tongue

4) Doctoring the Dead

5) Blind Voyeur

6) Day of Bones

7) Murder Burger

8) The Death of Pan

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