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Bryan Beller, Mastering Tone and Versatility – Review

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Bryan Beller, Mastering Tone and Versatility – Review

Bryan Beller, Mastering Tone and Versatility

Bryan Beller, Mastering Tone and Versatility – Review

This is one review that is way overdue, but better late than never, right? My apologies for the delay but I am sure you will find that this DVD is worth talking about even a few years after it’s release.

We chatted with Bryan about Mastering Tone and Versatility at the 2012 Winter NAMM show:

I must admit that I was not sure what the DVD was really about but I guessed that it was another method type, instructional video. I was greatly mistaken. After seeing the DVD I think it should be mandatory for all beginning bassists to watch. Even the most seasoned musician can take away quite a few pearls of wisdom from this video.

Lets have a closer look at the sections:

1. Mastering Tone: The Chain of Sound

  • Where does it Begin? Your Hands
  • Bass Archetypes
  • Amplifier Tone Shaping
  • Pedal Effects
  • Power Amps & Speaker Cabinets
  • This the essential part for every bassist to see, especially beginners, so they can fully understand ‘how to get their sound’. This is the best explanation of bass gear I have ever seen and I wish I had this DVD when I started picking out my own gear.

2. Mastering Versatility: Nailing Different Feels

(Bryan does an introduction for each song and follows with the performance)

  • Modern Finger style Funk/Fusion
  • Bryan Beller’s “Seven Percent Grade”
  • Vocal Pop/R&B/Soul
  • Kira Small’s “Shouldn’t We Be In Love”
  • Classic R&B/Funk Duo
  • Kira Small’s “I Ain’t Never”
  • Metal
  • Dethlok’s “Deththeme”
  • Dethlok’s “Bloodlines”
  • Dethlok’s “Dethsupport”

In the section, we get a chance to watch and listen to Bryan performing a wide variety of styles. There are many concepts we can adapt to our own playing. The drumming on the Dethlok pieces is just sick!

3. Mastering your Mind: Executing When It Counts

  • Bryan Beller’s “Greasy Wheel”
  • Steve Vai’s “Freak Show Excess”
  • Bryan Beller’s “LoveTerrorAdrenaline”
  •  Bryan seller’s “Get Things Done”
  • Mike Keneally’s “Cause of Breakfast”

There is a lot more to being a musician than simply being able to play a tune, here is your chance to gain crucial professional lessons from Bryan’s vast experience. This part covers playing very difficult pieces and how to wrap your head around them.

4. Conclusion: A Holistic Approach to your Playing

Bryan wraps it all in a comprehensive fashion and shares valuable life and musical philosophy.  This section will make you take a long hard look at yourself and perhaps make proactive steps in your journey to mastering your craft and achieving musical success and happiness.

Summing it all up, there is something  for everyone in this DVD. Bryan’s unique approach will really open your eyes on many levels. If nothing else, you might start looking at music, and even life, through a different lens and be all-the-better for incorporating some of Bryan’s knowledge and experience into your own routine.

I intend to watch it a few more times and even share it with my wife to expand here bass knowledge.

Bryan Beller, Mastering Tone and Versatility is available at

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