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PledgeMusic & Cheap Trick Bassist Tom Petersson Want You To “Rock Your Speech”

PledgeMusic and Cheap Trick Bassist Tom Petersson Want You To  Rock Your Speech

The Petersson Family… Alison, Tom, son Liam, and daughter Lilah

PledgeMusic & Cheap Trick Bassist Tom Petersson Want You To “Rock Your Speech”

Tom Petersson, founding member and bass-guitarist of legendary American Rock Band, Cheap Trick wants you to Rock Your Speech!

Rock Your Speech teams up with PledgeMusic to raise funds during a sixty-day (60)-day campaign at

Rock Your Speech’s mission is simple: Use Rock and Roll to help kids communicate. Inspired by the Petersson’s young son who has Autism, Rock Your Speech has been developed with a Rock & Roll sensibility… no purple dinosaurs, only good solid in-your-face-rock-music.

Congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ therapist, Meagan Morrow, who is credited with her remarkable recovery, is an Advisor on the project. Rock Your Speech is geared towards music/speech therapists, parents, and educators who incorporate music into their daily lives both as therapy and entertainment.

Rock Your Speech will provide packaged content including the single, music video, a lyric video, chord chart, lyric sheets, and a therapy component whereby specific words/sounds are broken down for repetitive practice.

Tom’s decades-long career as a member of one of the most iconic Rock Bands of all time, Cheap Trick allows Rock Your Speech to collaborate with some of the greatest rock musicians on upcoming songs. 

Rock Your Speech inspires kids to find their voice through music. Rock Your Speech leverages the power of music to build language skills in children who are working to overcome speech problems associated with autism and other disorders.

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