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Steve Gordon Updates The Future of the Music Business

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Steve Gordon Updates The Future of the Music Business

Steve Gordon Updates The Future of the Music Business

Steve Gordon Updates The Future of the Music Business

New technologies have revolutionized the music business. While these technologies have wreaked havoc on traditional business models, they’ve also provided new opportunities for music business entrepreneurs, as well as new challenges for musicians, recording artists, songwriters, record labels and music publishers.

In The Future of the Music Business, Fourth Edition, distinguished entertainment attorney Steve Gordon provides a road map for success by explaining legal fundamentals including copyright law’s application to the music business, basic forms of agreement such as recording, songwriting and management contracts, PLUS the rules pertaining to digital streaming, downloading and Internet radio. The book also shows exactly how much money is generated by each of these models, and details how the money flows to the principal stakeholders: artists, record labels, songwriters and music publishers.

The Future of the Music Business is divided into four parts:

  • Part I provides an overview of the basic rules and business practices that apply to the record and music publishing business today. Gordon discusses how copyright law protects songs and recordings, standard contracts including management, label and producer deals and the most recent rules and business practices that apply to the new means of distributing music; downloading, streaming and webcasting, and how those rules differ in foreign countries.
  • Part II is a guide for producers, filmmakers, and distributors on how to clear music for all kinds of projects, including movies, TV programs, ad campaigns, and stand-alone digital projects. And it explains how much it will cost!
  • Part III presents new discussions on the hottest industry controversies, including net neutrality and the financial battles between the new digital music services, copyright owners, and artists.
  • Part IV focuses on how to best use new technologies to succeed.

The book contains URLs linking to 2 on-line videos: Fundamentals of Music Business and Law, and Anatomy of a Copyright Infringement Case. Attorneys who view the videos can receive two CLE credits.

About the Author:

Steve Gordon is an entertainment attorney with over 20 years of experience. He serve as an attorney at a law firm representing Atlantic and Elektra Records, as in-house counsel for a Hollywood movie studio, and has been Director of Business Affairs for Sony Music for more than 10 years. As an educator, Gordon is the recipient of two Fulbright Scholarships and has taught courses on music law and business at Tel Aviv University in Israel and Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.

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