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Bass Review – Ibanez SRFF805 Fanned Fret 5 String Bass

Bass Review - Ibanez SRFF805 Fanned Fret 5 String Bass

Bass Review – Ibanez SRFF805 Fanned Fret 5 String Bass

One of the latest editions from Ibanez in the Bass Workshop Series is the Ibanez SRFF805 Fanned Fret 5 String Bass.

It’s said that fanned frets give you a better tone, an almost piano-like resemblance and they are easier to play and more comfortable. Skeptical at first, I gave it a try and was really surprised at how easy it was to adjust to the fanned fret concept. Using the SRFF805 on a couple of gigs worked out real well, to the point I forgot I was playing a bass with fanned frets. This has to be one of the most comfortable basses I have ever played in quite some time. Goodbye hand cramps!

The adjustment of getting used to the fanned frets was almost instantaneous. The piano like tone is different because of many aspects, most of which are applied to the strings. From the design of the fanned frets, which gives you the need for different string lengths to adjust for total control of intonation and tone. The tension of the strings is very well balanced which also makes for a more even tone across all of the strings. String gauge is 0.45 – .130

There is quality workmanship from start to finish on the SRFF805 bass, from the Ash body, to the Jatoba/Bubinga neck and 24 fret rosewood fretboard, it is very eye-catching. While the bass has Bartolini BH1 passive pickups for the neck and bridge, it is also equipped with an active 3-band EQ for Bass, Mids, and Treble. A 3-way toggle switch for mid-range control allows you to select between 250Hz, 450Hz, and 750Hz. A balance knob allows you to select between the bridge and neck pickups. There is a bypass toggle switch for the active EQ, which makes this a true active/passive bass. The treble tone control is used for EQ when the 3-band EQ is being bypassed. The bridge is the mono-rail system, with 16.5 mm spacing and giving each string it’s own isolated bridge.

The Ibanez SRFF805 Fanned Fret 5 String Bass is available in a black stained finish or walnut flat finish. All of the hardware is cosmo black with either finish.

Check out the Ibanez SRFF805 Fanned Fret 5 String Bass at a music retailer near you!

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