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Expanding the Slap Bass Vocabulary with Ray Riendeau – Groove #5

ray-riendeau-oct2015-2Expanding the Slap Bass Vocabulary with Ray Riendeau – Groove #5…

Hello fellow bassists!

This month we take a look at a groove that incorporates the use of open strings and no muted notes. I really dig the “open” sound of this riff. The groove is actually the main theme of one of the instrumentals I did years ago called “Liquid”. It features the use of the open hammer pop and open hammer double pop. The key is to make the 16th notes flow evenly, letting each note ring until the next. It?s based on an A minor sound and lends it self well to the open E, A, D and G strings, since those notes are in that key. Hopefully this will generate some ideas for you using open strings.

BMM- Groove #5 Nov

L = Left Hand

H = Hammer On

T = Thumb (2 T?s in a row is Thumb down followed by Thumb up)

P1 = Pop Index Finger

P2 = Pop Middle Finger

X = Percussive Note (notated on string being attacked)

RD = Rake Down (fanning your finger(s) in a downward motion across


H = Hammer On

O = Open String

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